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    Michael A. Littman, is our SEC Counsel

    Rodney J. Aycock is our CPA and tax accountant


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    We are proud to announce Craig K. Phillips as President.

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    Fax: 435-722-0978

Company Update


Stop Sign Coming Off!

Lexico is currently completing an application for membership to OTC Markets (a/k/a Pinksheets.com), with the assistance of SEC Counsel, Michael A. Littman, of Arvada, Colorado to create the required disclosures of the risks associated with Lexico’s multi-component business plan, specifically:

• Risks generally associated with the oil and gas industry, and
• Risks specific to water disposal business

Part of the disclosure process includes the publication of un-audited financial statements. To this end, we are pleased to announce that we have engaged our tax accountant , Rodney J. Aycock CPA, Roosevelt, Utah to work in concert with SEC Counsel , to prepare for filing our 2012 - 3rd Quarter financial statements.

We are striving to complete the required disclosures and associated financial statements to achieve “Limited Reporting” status in the OTC Market in December.

Ultimately our goal is to become a “fully reporting” SEC 12(g) registered company.


Management Philosophy

. Craig K. Phillips Secretary/Treasurer

Many public companies fail to focus on Cash Flows, but in our case, we are immediately focusing on just that, Cash Flows!”



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